Jason’s art practice is at the cutting edge of contemporary sculpture and pursues the use of technology to reflect the displacement of traditional practices as a consequence of automation.

His work comments on our synergy with the mechanised world, exploring the shifts that occur as technology displaces every day practices.

Jason draws from his experience working within film, design and art industries as well as his extensive world travels and explorations into wilderness areas.

In the late 80’s after completing his BA of Visual arts at Sydney College of the Arts Jason’s Junk metal figurative works ignited a resurgence of Junk metal work that appeared through the early to mid-90’s.

He has worked on major films including Matrix 1, 2 & 3, Star Wars and Mission Impossible and his street infrastructure designs exist nationally around major cities across the Country.

Jason produced has produced iconic urban development designs which are still in use throughout the City of Sydney and elsewhere such as the Smartpole bike ring and Hanging Baskets.

In 2010 Jason returned to SCA equipped with newly acquired skills and ready to rekindle his artistic career, he has since completed two master degrees and is currently undertaking his PhD research degree.

In the seven years since reacquainting himself as a visual artists Jason has been the recipient of 9 awards in major competitions as well as being a finalist in the Wynne prize and awarded an Australian Post graduate award to undertake his PhD.

Jason’s research PhD concerns itself with the contemporary art practices of the Torres Strait Islanders as well as Indigenous – non indigenous collaborative works that he is personally involved with.

Clamshell with Hammerhead Shark 2013 and the Small Dari – Torres Strait Island Headdress with Shooting Star 2016 were produced as part of an ongoing artistic collaborative engagement between Dr Ken Thaiday Snr and Jason Christopher. Their artistic collaborative engagement began in 2013, and proceeded their latest collaborations Dari installation for the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and Beizam Triple hammerhead Shark for the 20th Sydney Biennale.